Hard Shoulder (Stephen Hatfield)

As part of our 25th anniversary concert on March 2, 2013 Bell’Arte Singers performed several works by Stephen Hatfield and we were honoured to have him join us in our special evening, conducting his own works.

Hard Shoulder was written to honour the House of Compassion, a Toronto outreach to street people. It is a powerful song that presents the reality of life on the streets in an unvarnished way, with a mixture of styles that include Caribbean, classic rock, swing and more — as is a dozen different radios were spilling out of a dozen different windows.

Traditional: Ways of Remembering

Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Traditional: Ways of Remembering

People, the land, the sea, stories and traditions; songs to remember loved ones by, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, Old World and New World. This concert begins with some of the most beautiful choral works, including excerpts from Eleanor Daley’s Requiem, Z. Randall Stroope’s Amor De Mi Alma and Paul Aitkin’s In Flanders Fields. There will be traditional seasonal music and music from Canadian and other traditions. In tradition is memory.

The Changing Light

Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 8:00 pm

The Changing Light deals with the changing seasons from Autumn into Winter and from Remembrance into the Christmas Holiday and includes percussion, soloists and global music selections.

In late November the air still echos with songs of remembrance as we begin the holiday season a time of carols and holiday hymns. This concert presentation brings the listener across the transition from Autumn to Winter, from
memories to holidays, as we trace the changing light of the season. Selections include excerpts from Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, Robert Young’s After Sunset and There Is No Rose, Elgar’s The Snow, and Berlioz’s The Shepherd’s Farewell , along with contemporary works by John Rutter and Urmas Sisask, with Baba Olantunji’s Betelehemu!

Betelehemu (Baba Olantunji & W. Whalum)